Grading Success

It has now been 3 months since our club transitioned to the World Ju-Jitsu Federation and the 25th September saw our first official gradings under the Federation; despite the nerves and tension in the air it was a successful night all round!

7 students took part in the assessments under the watchful eye of Kancho Robert Hart who held nothing back and put the students through their paces.

Our first students to grade were Callum and Ellis attempting Yellow and Orange belt who passed with flying colours leading to Kancho commenting that if this calibre continues then the club is certainly on the correct course – Well done lads you are a true testament to the club and our instructors!

The next round saw 5 of our students attempting White, Orange and Blue and White belt respectively; Kev and Ben were first in with a gruelling grading, the pair looked like traffic lights going from green to red, but they surivived and achieved their grade, well done!

Hannah was next holding nothing back and putting Sensei Jon through his paces as Uki – Thank you for all your help Sensei, we hope you weren’t too sore after!

Finally we saw Chris returning to his Martial Arts path and Angeline taking her first steps on the ladder towards the coveted Shodan grade – A great effort all around, keep up the good work and keep training hard!

A huge congratulations to everyone and thanks and appreciation are extended to Kancho for overseeing the evening, a very positive start to our WJJF chapter.