Adult & Teen Classes

Ju Jitsu isn’t just for kids!

In our Classes we have a great mix of activities which keeps all our Adult Martial Artists keen, eager to learn, and looking forward to the next class.

We have a good balanced Adult Class, with many students having been training with Makerfield for a considerable amount of time. We ensure that our lessons have a great balance of fun, and hard work, making sure that everyone gets a great workout, learning new skills and meeting new friends whilst covering a vast amount of Martial Arts techniques, and cover Self Defence, Pad Work, Syllabus Work.

Class Activities and More Information:

Ju-Jitsu cross over arm lock demonstration

Age range: 16 years up

Cost: £5.00 per person

A typical Senior Ju-Jitsu class consists of a structured layout of the following:

  • A formal greeting to the students and the instructors
  • A warm up of stretching and jogging exercises to prepare the mind and the body for the class to follow
  • Pad drills focusing on striking and kicking techniques
  • Syllabus work covering each students Ju-Jitsu techniques
  • Once a month we hold an “Interest Session” where all students cover a specific set of techniques from the syllabus. This can range from simple pressure point strikes through to advanced locks and holds found in the Dan grade syllabus