Training and Grading

A Typical Lesson

This is an overview of a typical session for both the juniors and seniors. We adjust it where required.

  1. Formal greeting / Bow in: This is a quick traditional greeting and start to the session.
  2. Body stretches going from head to feet: Stretching the joints of the body to loosen them helps prevent injuries later in the session.
  3. Light jogging. Jogging around the mat to get the heart beating is ideal for us.
  4. Rolls and break-fall practice: Rolls and break-falls are methods of reducing the chance of injury to yourself when falling to the ground. We practice these at the start of every session as they are used later in syllabus practice.
  5. Separation into practice groups and technique assignment. Where we can people are paired up with someone of similar belt or stature to each other. Where there is an odd number of students we may assign students to groups of 3.
    Students are then assigned a technique to practice, and where necessary are shown the technique by Sensei.
  6. Review and Recap: The students gather on one side of the mat and are asked in turn to demonstrate something they have learned in front of the class.
  7. Formal end of session and thanks: This is identical to the start of the session, students are then thanked by Sensei for attending that days class.

How do I get a new belt?

All students receive a red belt when they first start out training, belts are then awarded via grading sessions. We hold Official grading sessions roughly two times a year though we vary these according to each students needs. Occasionally we will grade individuals during a regular class rather than making them wait until the next grading session. Please click here to view the clubs grading policy.

All grading’s are held at in house during the appropriate class, with the exception of the Black belt grading’s which are held twice a year at the World Ju-Jitsu Federation HQ in Liverpool.